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Poppy Bank

Formerly known as “First Community Bank”

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Rebuilding Together

Poppy Bank is here to help. If you have been impacted by the Northern California fires or have

experienced collateral or financial loss, please contact our office today.

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Poppy Bank

Formerly known as “First Community Bank”

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About Poppy Bank
First Community Bank changes its name to Poppy Bank!

As we expanded, we wanted to distinguish our excellent products and services from our competitors. Changing our name to “Poppy Bank” is unique and an exciting step forward on our road to continued success.

Though the name has changed, we are still the same bank. You will continue to receive exceptional service from the same employees at the same convenient locations.

“Poppy Bank took a personal interest in the work we were doing. They made an important connection for us, opening up a new market for us.”

Co-Founders Kathy Patterson, Stacey Schuett and Fred Patterson

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