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Poppy Bank, formerly known as “First Community Bank”, is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California. Poppy Bank was organized by nine prominent business leaders in 2004. Since opening our first branch in January 2005, Poppy Bank has grown to eleven branches across the San Francisco Bay Area. The Bank is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors formed entirely by accomplished business leaders and our highly experienced Executive Officers. Our commitment to providing the best products and services at a fair price has propelled our success and garnered national recognition of our performance. We exist to meet the needs of our customers and to make a positive difference in the communities we serve. We give back to our communities through supporting employee volunteer hours, serving on non-profit boards of directors, and sponsoring events. For every year we have been in business, our employees have voted to earn us a “Best Places to Work” award in the North Bay.

Message from the CEO

Khalid Acheckzai, Chief Executive Officer

First Community Bank changes its name to Poppy Bank!

There are thirteen banks named “First Community Bank” in the United States with 157 branch locations. As we expanded, we wanted to distinguish our excellent products and services from our competitors. Changing our name to “Poppy Bank” is unique and an exciting step forward on our road to continued success.

Though the name has changed, we are still the same Bank. You will continue to receive exceptional service from the same employees at the same convenient locations.

For information regarding the effects of this name change, please refer to the “Frequently-Asked Questions” following this message. In summary for our current clients, the Bank’s routing number has not changed, your checks, debit, and credit cards will remain active, and no action is required on your part. Visitors and emails to will be automatically redirected. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your Branch or Account Officer.

Poppy Bank specializes in commercial and small business lending including SBA loans. We are dedicated to responding quickly to loan requests, turning applications and closing loans. In addition, we offer a full array of personal and business banking products designed to fit your financial needs. Because we are locally owned, our principal focus and dedication remain supporting the business and economic health of the communities in which we live.

Each and every employee of Poppy Bank is dedicated to providing extraordinary service and building relationships with our clients. We are committed to our company, colleagues, clients and communities, all of whom are an integral part of the Poppy Bank family.

Come and see us at any of our locations, or contact us to learn more about how Poppy Bank is the solution for all of your banking needs. It would be our privilege to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We completed the regulatory process to approve the name change with the F.D.I.C. and the State of California, Department of Business Oversight.

No. The Bank has not been sold and there is no ownership change of any kind.

No. The routing number assigned to the Bank will not change. All payments, checks, and other transactions will continue to process normally.

No. All account numbers, loans and deposits will remain the same.

No. Your checks, online banking, remote deposit capture, mobile deposits and debit/credit cards are all still active. All deposits and payments will continue to be negotiated as they are today.

Yes. You may continue to use your “First Community Bank” checks. When you run out of checks and reorder, you will receive “Poppy Bank” checks.

Yes. Though you will receive a new “Poppy Bank” debit/credit card in the mail, your existing card will remain active until you activate the new card. This new card will have the same account number as your existing card.

No. If you have a loan with us, no changes are necessary to any of the current documentation.

Yes. The new website is However, will redirect to the new site ensuring no disruption to service.

Yes. Emails sent to will automatically redirect to email addresses, ensuring no disruption to email service.

Poppy Bank Is Rated 5-Stars

We Are Rated 5-Stars by BauerFinancial*

Poppy Bank is recognized as one of the strongest financial institutions in the country.
– Security
– Strength
– Reliability

*BauerFinancial, Inc. is the nation’s leading independent bank and credit union rating firm. (800) 388-6686

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“Poppy Bank took a personal interest in the work we were doing. They made an important connection for us, opening up a new market for us.”

Co-Founders Kathy Patterson, Stacey Schuett, and Fred Patterson

“If we need something, the Poppy Bank team is always available. And we wanted a bank truly dedicated to the local community. Poppy Bank is that and much more.”

Nancy Lang, CO-Owner

“We went to Poppy Bank for an SBA loan. They said, ‘On paper you’re officially worth zero,’ yet they took a risk on our plan. Big banks would not have even looked at us.”

Scott Pritchard, President

“We weren’t getting personal attention from our bank and they couldn’t give us a larger line of credit. Poppy Bank stepped up.”

Andrew Hutchins, COO

“Poppy Bank surprised me with a family feeling, creating a real relationship. Everything was streamlined, easy and hassle-free—from my SBA loan to setting up a 401K plan and money market accounts.”

Kevin Jones, Franchise Partner/Owner

“I’d been talking to another bank about buying this business but they were slow and not very available. Then I got connected to the team at Poppy Bank, and they were incredible. They explained everything, advised me on where to put my energy, and made sure every detail was right. It was a relatively small loan, but they treated me like I was worth millions.”

David Mohle

Client Testimonials
Board of Directors
Khalid Acheckzai, CPA

Mr. Acheckzai joined Poppy Bank in March 2015. Prior to his position as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Acheckzai served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Poppy Bank. He has over twenty years of combined banking experience both working in the banking industry and providing auditing, consulting, and risk management services to financial institutions. Mr. Acheckzai is a CPA and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from California State University, Hayward. He is also a graduate of the Pacific Coast Graduate School of Banking at the University of Washington.

Ajaib Bhadare

Mr. Bhadare is a Scholar of London, and a 25 + year veteran of the telecommunications industry. Mr. Bhadare was a co-founder of Cerent, acquired by Cisco Systems in 1999 and he was founding Director of Calix Systems a public company. Currently, Mr. Bhadare is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Billa Management, a diverse real estate and development company.

Douglas H. Bosco

Mr. Bosco practices business and regulatory law, his clients include some of California’s major landowners and insurers. He served in the state legislature (1978-82) and the United States Congress (1982-90) and for the past ten years has served as chairman of the California Coastal Conservancy. He is part owner of Sonoma Media Investments LLC and is a co-owner and founder of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad Co.

Ron Carli

Mr. Carli served as President and Chief Executive Officer at American AgCredit for more than 30 years. He is a lifelong Sonoma County resident and a prominent and respected leader in the banking community. Mr. Carli’s contribution of his vast knowledge of the agricultural community is valuable in furthering our mission of being the bank of choice for Sonoma County businesses.

Patrick Gallaher

Mr. Gallaher is retired from Oakmont Senior Living in Santa Rosa, CA where he worked in real estate development, accounting, and as a consultant. He formerly served as a director of Sonoma National Bank from 1992 until 2007.

William P. Gallaher

Mr. Gallaher is Chairman of the Board of Poppy Bank. He is a principal in Oakmont Senior Living LLC (OSL), which since 1995 has developed senior assisted living and Alzheimer’s care communities in three western states. Mr. Gallaher was a successful homebuilder in Sonoma County, having built more than 500 homes in Oakmont and throughout the Santa Rosa and Windsor, California areas.

Steve McCullagh

Mr. McCullagh is in charge of senior housing site acquisition and development for Oakmont Senior Living, LLC of Santa Rosa, California. He was formerly Chief Credit Officer and board member at Sonoma National Bank and brings over 20 years of community banking experience in Northern California to Poppy Bank.

Louis Ratto

Mr. Ratto was in the solid waste and recycling business for 25 plus years. In 2017 his company was acquired by Recology of San Francisco. He continues to be involved in environmental consulting. Mr. Ratto is also active in property management and development as well as real estate investing in Northern California.

Duane Sartori

Mr. Sartori is Attorney and Partner in the Petaluma law firm of Baddeley, Oliker & Sartori. He has practiced law in Sonoma County for more than 35 years and specializes in estate planning and administration.

John Scharer

Mr. Scharer is a retired principal in the Petaluma real estate firm of Hudson & Scharer. He served as City Manager for the City of Petaluma from 1981-1997 before retiring. John was Director of Finance for the City of Petaluma from 1974-1981 and Chief Financial Officer for Redwood Empire Savings & Loan Association in Petaluma.

Executive Officers
Khalid Acheckzai, CPA
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Acheckzai joined Poppy Bank in March 2015. Prior to his position as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Acheckzai served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Poppy Bank. He has over twenty years of combined banking experience both working in the banking industry and providing auditing, consulting, and risk management services to financial institutions. Mr. Acheckzai is a CPA and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from California State University, Hayward. He is also a graduate of the Pacific Coast Graduate School of Banking at the University of Washington.

Tony Ghisla
Executive Vice President
Chief Credit Officer

Mr. Ghisla joined the bank in September 2016. He brings nearly 35 years of banking expertise focused on lending production and credit administration. Before starting at Poppy Bank, Tony was at Exchange Bank for 23 years as the Executive Officer in charge of commercial, real estate and SBA lending. He is actively involved in the community and will be the 2018 Chairman of the board for Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital’s board of trustees.

Small Business Lenders
Wayne Wirth
SVP, Director Small Business Lending

Mr. Wirth has 33 years of lending experience. He specializes in assisting clients in all industries to secure Small Business Loans to meet their business and personal goals. Mr. Wirth’s focus is on facilitating the acquisition, development and refinancing of commercial real estate, equipment financing, business acquisition loans, along with financing other business needs.

Office: (916) 945-2157
Cell: (818) 426-3565

Steve Alkana
VP, Small Business Loan Officer

Mr. Alkana has nearly 25 years of small business lending experience. His specialty includes USDA lending with special expertise in flagged hotels up to $12 Million. He also prides himself on getting USDA B&I loans done right and fast.

Cell: (503) 317-1511

Andrew Chambers
VP, Small Business Loan Officer

Andrew Chambers has 14 years of SBA, USDA and CRE lending experience as well as SBA underwriting experience. His areas of expertise include hospitality, gas stations, auto-use, and industrial/retail properties. He has a proven track record and takes great pride in closing loans as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Cell: (707) 293-5167

Patrick Hatten
VP, Small Business Loan Officer

Mr. Hatten has 25 years of lending experience. His specialty includes assisting clients secure small business loans in the hotel and lodging industries. Hatten focuses on business acquisitions and expansion though he is able to help clients from any industry.

Office: (480) 346-1218
Cell: (602) 885-1080

Paul Ko
VP, Small Business Loan Officer

Mr. Ko is a CPA and loan officer with hands-on experience in SBA7A, 504 & USDA loans, financial reporting, underwriting, credit risk, and accounting. His areas of expertise include the hospitality industry and gas stations with C-Store, along with other special purpose property types.

Cell: (425) 344-6993

Kevin Rappleye
VP, Small Business Loan Officer

Mr. Rappleye has more than 25 years of small business lending experience with an emphasis on SBA guaranteed loans. He has extensive experience in lending within the hospitality and RV park industries, along with other special purpose property types.

Office: (916) 740-1557
Cell: (916) 709-1564

Business & Consumer Lenders
Janet Connors
SVP, Real Estate Loan Officer

Ms. Connors has more than 25 years of lending experience. Her specialty includes assisting clients to secure financing for the acquisition or refinance of various types of commercial real estate including self-storage, office, MHP, retail, industrial and other special purpose properties, as well as business loans and lines of credit to meet their goals. She also focuses on affordable housing and sustainability/green energy financing.

Office: (707) 636-9066
Cell: (707) 888-1497

Jonathan Graves
VP, Commercial Loan Officer

Mr. Graves has 11 years of lending experience. He focuses on commercial real estate lending. Graves works with businesses looking to purchase real estate as well as real estate investors looking to start or add to their portfolio.

Office: (707) 636-9057
Cell: (707) 953-1380

Mike McKeon
VP, Residential and Construction Loan Officer

Mr. McKeon has 30 years of lending experience. He specializes in residential lending for owners and investors. He also specializes in creative problem solving for all lending situations.

Office: (707) 636-9709
Cell: (707) 483-5051

Barbara Larson
VP, Commerical Loan Officer

Ms. Larson has 20 years of banking and 13 years of lending experience. Her specialty includes assisting clients in obtaining commercial business lines of credit and term loans. She also works with clients to assist them in obtaining SBA 7A loans in most industries.

Office: (707) 636-9711
Cell: (707) 291-1344

Evelynn Porter
VP, Commercial Loan Officer

Ms. Porter has more than 20 years of banking experience with 16 years as a loan officer. She specializes in small-to-medium sized businesses that are growing or stabilizing. Clients she manages range from steel fabrictors to wineries and real estate investors.

Office: (707) 636-9748
Cell: (707) 337-6434

Scott Shapiro
VP, Commercial Loan Officer

Mr. Shapiro has a 15-year career in commercial finance. He specializes in all forms of commercial lending (including SBA) for real estate, equipment, tenant improvement, and working capital needs. His typical clients are small- and medium-size businesses with a particular focus in the food, wine, healthcare, franchise, and craft beer industries as well as commercial property investors.

Office: (707) 636-9745
Cell: (707) 721-2052

Aaron Nissim
SVP, East Bay Regional Commercial Banking Manager

Mr. Nissim has more than 14 years of commercial real estate lending experience in various real estate product types including: residential subdivisions, condominiums, assisted living, self-storage, marinas, retail, office, industrial and mixed-use across the Western US. Mr. Nissim has extensive experience structuring, construction, rehab, bridge and term loans and takes pride in finding creative solutions to sophisticated transaction structures for commercial real estate investor/developers.

Office: (707) 636-9021
Cell: (415) 871-4218

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